Monday, May 2, 2016

Cast-Iron True

Here are a few items on the Lodge Manufacturing Co.  You know them, you probably have one or more of their pans in your kitchen.  I fried supper in one of mine about an hour ago, in fact.  Anyway, here we go:
The Guided Tour, at YouTube, 11:23 minutes.
How Lodge Pans Are Made, at YouTube, 11:21 minutes.  Similar content, different camera angles.
The Lucky Dogs of South Pittsburgh, article at The Bitter Southerner.

Amazing stuff and amazing quality at a dirt-cheap price.  But you know what's really amazing?  That they're hanging on, in fact doing quite well, in a world full of leveraged buy-outs and manufacturing fleeing to China ASAP.  Now that is amazing.  Go extrapolate to economics and presidential politics amongst yourselves.