Thursday, March 21, 2013

ACME Parts All Installed

Parts list described earlier completely installed and functioning.  (hat tip to Mike the IT guy)  The results are all that and a free cigar.  Bonus Points: initial testing survived, didn't even get a ticket.  Mind you, it was very hard to drive like a sane person down to the bridge to open it up.

[Latin name explained here.  Especially apt in this case.]

OK, there's always a more powerful muscle car out there somewhere, and ultimately the king of the hill isn't even street legal.  Right now in the neighborhood of 335 HP, this one's performing at the rated level of a '69 428 Cobra Jet (you'll have to scroll down to find the specs, it's the "Q" & "R" engine options).  If that's not enough engine, hell, you need to go be an astronaut or something.

Next up: Strut tower brace, unfortunately out of stock at the moment.  Tighten up the steering a little with one of these and the whole package will be good to go.  At least until the itch strikes again.  And that big blank plate in the middle of the brace will look great with "ACME" stenciled on it.

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