Monday, March 11, 2013

Shop Repair Pics

I took lots of pictures of the Shop building while in Apalach, but many are redundant or just for documenting the repairs, for later reference.  Here are the highlights.  Click any picture to embiggen.

Outside of building near side door facing Post Office.  You can see how far it had to be jacked up.

Same place, from the inside.  There's a solid concrete footer that's been poured to hold up the new sill.

Overall doorway, from the outside.

One more shot from the inside, other edge of doorway.

Back by where the stone was, showing similar reconstruction.

 Typical under-floor pic.  I took lots of these, but they all show about the same thing: solid joists and nothing rotten or scary.

Under where the stone was.  The floor here had been mushy for decades, but all's solid and good to go for another century.

Action picture back by the stone.

Back corner of building, under where the darkroom was.  Shows how the building was jacked up while footer concrete was being poured to make a new foundation segment.

Overall roofline, showing that about 75% of the sag is gone, and re-roofing is underway.  Some of the exterior concrete sidewalk has to come up this week to get the rest of that rotted sill out and finish the leveling.

After all that, it was time for a walk.  A view of Apalachicola bay, at the river mouth and the boat basin exit.

Overall, a very successful trip.

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