Monday, March 25, 2013

Cleaning up, packing down.

Last fall's re-flooring has been a rousing success both then and now.  But moving all the house's contents into a POD and back has been the equivalent of being re-decorated by a pack of drunken over-caffinated moneys.  Got the big stuff back in and properly placed, then jammed the rest in where it would fit and went back to work.  Haven't been able to find anything for months, which inevitably leads to thrashing, almost a textbook version of the computer science concept translated to the physical world.  Net effect is that the prep time for most activities is 3x what it should be.  Weekends are too short as it is already!  (Although Congress is doing its very best to lengthen them for my coworkers and me.  Thanks guys!)

Taking a week off to rectify this problem, and to take a breather before the final push on a project at work.  No guarantees of success, but I did manage to find the bedroom floor by yesterday afternoon.  Things are moving in the right direction.

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