Sunday, March 3, 2013

BBC World Service: Joe Strummer Edition

I've long known that Joe Strummer DJ'd a show – aptly named London Calling – on the BBC World Service, and regretted that I'd jumped into shortwave too late to listen in.  Then this morning over coffee I thought "somebody's got to have archived that somewhere on the web."  Yep, and here it is courtesy of the Radio Clash site.  A little over 9 hours' worth (the episodes were only a half-hour), still broadcast to the world free for the listening.

It's not Clash music, or even punk rock.  It's a jumble of music Strummer though was significant, or at least interesting.  Here's some commentary on the series over at the BBC.

Why the hell am I blogging this right now when it's a beautiful sunny day and I've got a new mountain bike to go ride?  (First time out on the trails with it too, after being cooped up by rain last weekend.)  Well, it bottomed out at 31 degrees last night, so I'm giving it a few extra minutes to warm up this morning.  No point in rushing these things some days.  Trail report and pictures later today!

Back to London Calling, the quality is perfectly good.  A little hiss in the first few episodes, but what the hell.  Bet it sounded better yet straight off the BBC's Ascension Island West Africa transmitter.  Ah, the bitter regret of the good things I've discovered after the fact, but better late than never.  Ain't the web grand?

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