Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mustang mods done for now.

Installed the strut tower brace yesterday.  Carefully torqued it down to the specified 25 to 27 ft-lbs, took it for a short test ride, and torqued one more time just to be sure.  The bolts/nuts seemed to have some kind of built in torque limiters.  Try as I might to slightly over-torque them, the wrench stubbornly indicated something just over 25 ft-lbs.  Interesting.
So... was it worth it?  Yeah, the brace tightened up the steering noticeably, though "noticeably" is a very subjective term.  In hard cornering the car doesn't wallow like it used to.  It's still not as precise as the 325i, but then few things are.  Let me put it like this: pushing the Mustang through corners hard enough to break the rear end loose was formerly a front end control limited process, but now there's enough handling to slide through corners like a maniac.  About as good as it's likely to get in a muscle car.

SR (here re-branded as ACME) makes a fine product.  Sometimes the results are even survivable.

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