Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Truck

Well, at least for me it's new.  It is very well used in fact, perhaps to the point of being abused.  The picture looks a hell of a lot better than the reality.
But the price was right and the need for some kind of hauler was great after last year's demise of the Saturn wagon.

The particulars: F150, 1997, 4.6L V8, toodamnmanymiles, no visible leaks, fluids all looked clean, no obvious problems on the test drive, $ << BlueBook.  It was that last parameter that finally triggered the deal.  Other lesser items: nice bed liner, decent stereo, cloth interior, non-functional AC, and at least two bad tires.

It'll do.

Next up: trip to the tag office and inspection station this week, followed by a visit to the tire and mechanic shop.  Wire in a CB next (no I'm not kidding) and it'll be good to go.


  1. nice truck now a vette for my brother in law across the Apalachicola bridge by mid June-Mustang vs. Vette.......the one and only brother in law-the last guntrain

  2. You bet this will happen! And the Mustang will emerge victorious.

    So... you gonna need a hand putting a CB in the 'vette? That fiberglass body can give all kinds of problems getting the SWR right. But I'm sure we can engineer up something, even if we have to line the inside of the trunk lid with aluminum.

  3. where is the gun rack? ya gotta have a gun rack, even if you can't take a gun to work with you....