Sunday, May 24, 2015

Madness Upgrade Installed

Headers all installed:

A quick call to Bama Tunes advised that no engine tune upgrade was needed, so we're done for this cycle.

So... are they worth it?  I mean shorties that don't require a tune, how much can they really add?  The answer is a little here, a little there.  Throttle response around 2k RPM is noticeably better.  That's really what I was looking for, less of a need to downshift when cruising in traffic.  Mileage is improved by about 1.5 MPG, as best as I can tell in the hundred or so miles I have on things right now.  A couple more tanks of gas will give a better average.  Still, that small improvement will pay for the headers over the next couple of years.  Finally, the exhaust sound is noticeably improved.  The bottom-end rumble is a notch louder, there's a little more noise on fast shifts, and it's overall a tad more raucous.  In other words, exactly what I was looking for.

On to the appearance upgrade...  I'm not one to go sticking extraneous bits on my car to play dress-up, but with the invasion stripes stopping short of a full-wrap, that left the rear trunk lid panel slightly blubberous looking:

A retro-honeycomb blackout cleans things up:

OK, done for now.  Next up will probably be wheels and tires, when the current crop are down on their treads.  But that's 20k+ miles and a year away.

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